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All appliances are checked in accordance with Gas Safe procedures namely:

1. Check with the occupant whether they have any problems with the installation or appliances
2. Check all appliances have adequate supply of  air
3. Ensure effective operation of appliance, control taps, ignition system, and any supervision devices fitted
4. Inspect burner flame picture
5. Check clearances from combustible materials
6. Check stability of appliance
7. Check gas installation pipework
i) Check the condition and route of the flue. Check terminal is suitable
ii) Inspect flue connection to flue liner or chimney
iii) Back boilers - check pipe ducts into opening are sealed including annular space round liner
iv) Fires - inspect and clear the catchment space. Check flue dampers have been removed or fixed in the open position.
v) Test for spillage
i) Inspect condition of case, sight glass and seals
ii) Check position of terminal and clearances. Check whether a guard is required
10. Check flue route and assess whether hatches are required
11. Check the appliance operating pressure or heat input or both if required
12. Check the gas meter for condition, stability, correct operation, earth bonding and location.
13. The gas pipe from the meter is checked for correct sizing, installation and routing where visible above floor level or before passing through walls
14. Check for gas leaks using TPI 608 digital manometer. Check all disturbed gas fittings with leak detection spray
15. Carry out flue gas analysis with Kane electronic flue gas analyser where necessary
16. Leave a copy of the certificate with the occupant